Creative City International Fair
Cibeles 2013/14

This Fair (a joint venture between Psychoeconomy and Technologies To The People) presents new social structures, artists and companies that are resisting the hypercartography of new communication and control agents; they attempt to break free from old capitalism, corporate, state nation and brand models, by creating networks of mutual dependence, solidarity, the defence of shared ideals, e.g. the environment, sustainable development, democracy; by giving priority to individuals, and promoting social equality; by offering sensitive and subjective alternatives in the face of the prevailing monitoring system and exchange models.

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Sevilla 2011

Since the last summit in Madrid in July 2010,  nothing has improved. We are still confronted with the deepest economic and financial crisis since the Second World War, and now we must add a global crisis of political repre-sentation.
This year, corporate leaders met again with a renewed goal: to write another declaration seeking to reverse the status of the global economy.

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Coporate Summit 2010

The Corporate Summit 2010 was proposed in order to discuss the international financial crisis and prevailing monetary exchange systems. On 2 and 3 July 2010, four world corporate and state leaders met in Madrid. Their goal: to elaborate a declaration seeking to reverse the status of the global economy.
A publication (available in digital format too) that summarizes the results of the event, was presented during the Corporate Summit Sevilla 2011 on December 9th, at the CAAC.

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Psychoeconomy is a platform for discussion and artistic research that proposes an alternative approach on various global issues, taking advantage of the particularities for reflection and diffusion generated by the field of art. Among other things, it impulses the gathering of Corporate Summits, annual meetings of forums held by artists' created entities (for example, banks, technology companies, and even micro nations).
Psychoeconomy proposes the revision of citizen participation on a global scale in the resolution of conflicts in which citizenship as a hole is largely excluded from decision-making but certainly suffers the consequences.


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The Psychoeconomy War Room Table displays the relationship between two or more countries in the world in terms of some specific social and economic variables. The proposal builds on the metaphor of the table of the War Room, the room where are discussed possible tactical moves in a civil or military operation.

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PSYCHOECONOMY! is an initiative directed by Gustavo Romano www.gustavoromano.org
The Creative City International Fair was produced by CentroCentro, Madrid.
The Seville Summit was sponsored by AC/E with the collaboration of CAAC.
The Madrid Summit was sponsored by Matadero Madrid and Madrid Abierto.