Yippies &Yuppies

The emergence of the movement Occupy Wall Street gives us the opportunity to recall similar groups active during the 60's on the same stage. Among them stood out so-called "Yippies", fronted by Abbie Hoffman, and the Black Mask collective.

As part of the actions that the Yippies took against the established powers of 1960s America, we may recall, for its relevance to today, an action undertaken in the country’s financial heart when they pushed into the Wall Street Stock Exchange and threw dollar bills into the air. Without stopping to think what was happening, the traders forgot all about their work and the interests of their bosses and frantically scrambled to grab this free money, shamelessly pushing each other out of the way.

The action caught the NYSE authorities unawares and trading activity was suspended. This was one of the first times this happened, but not the last. Currently, in the midst of the financial crisis, its activities have been suspended several times when faced with situations such as the collapse of shares or to prevent the crash of financial giants.

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