Nuclear Gypsies of Fukushima. The plot of an apocalyptic anime?

It was the 70´s in Japan. The growing demand for electricity in modern society made nuclear power plants grow as mushrooms. Meanwhile the Yakuza was making night tours around the cities recruiting beggars and social outcasts by offering them a miserable pay for doing allegedly cleaning jobs. Once taken to destiny they would discover that they had been taken to nuclear reactors whose interiors they were expected to clean. There, they were obliged to work under sweltering temperatures and were exposed to radiation levels tens of times higher than allowed. After that, they became Genpatsu Gypsies (nuclear gypsies) that once recruited were meant to wander from one central to another in order to do their jobs and receive a daily payment. That, until their body to resisted. The plot of an apocalyptic anime? No. A true story that repeats itself for more than 30 years in nuclear centrals such as Fukushima and that has caused as many deaths by radiation as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.

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